Why use Imagus?

Proven accuracy

The Imagus Face Recognition matching algorithm provides best in class accuracy and selectivity regardless of the database size and low image quality. Small-scale one-to-one verification through to large-scale, high-volume identification matching has been testing in the field with tremendous results.

Working with Imagus means having access to international biometrics expertise and leading biometrics technologies that provide the most accurate matching in difficult capture conditions.

Facial Recognition Technology Features:

  • Recognise faces in video from CCTV or smart phones
  • Insensitive to pose, illumination and expression
  • Insensitive to glasses, facial hair, headgear
  • Insensitive to video formats 
  • Non-reliance on high resolution imagery
  • True video-based and image-based recognition
  • Extremely fast real-time recognition from video
  • Detection of multiple faces in a moving crowd

Technical Features:

  • Cloud-based
  • 1:1, 1:n, 1:many (watch list) matching modes
  • Supports a wide range of hardware and operating systems
  • Easy integration into existing video recorder systems
  • Real-time alerting when matches made (i.e. identifying a person of interest in a monitored space)
  • Imagus FRT can be customised to suit specific requirements, call our team to discuss the possibilities.
Imagus Benefits