Retail and Marketing

Imagine being able to pass on vital information to new staff around VIP clients or blacklisted clients at the exact moment they need to be identified. Imagine that staff member identifying your VIP client without ever having met them and being able to recite their 'usual' order - what an impressive service skill for your company to possess.

This next-level service is possible with Imagus' high-speed facial recognition that can monitor both live and recorded video/photo footage. It is able to perform recognition and tracking of many faces in the same frame. With auto-enrollment, each new face can be enrolled automatically, allowing for recognition of returning customers or VIPs.

We would recommend this software be paired with glasses technology or with CCTV and service screens for the best integration.

"...Imagus Crowd Analytics enabled CCTV or static cameras embedded or attached to billboards, companies can track not only how many people are looking at their billboards, but in some cases their gender and age demographic."

Read the brochure here: Imagus Crowd Analytics in the retail space